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Tom X. Chao
has written, directed, produced and performed original theater pieces for over 10 years. His works include:
The Negative Energy Field
Can't Get Started | 2000, revived 2006
Cats Can See The Devil | 2003
Freak Out Under the Apple Tree | 2005
Callous Cad | 2009, revived 2011
Audio: The Peculiar Utterance of the Day podcast

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"Hot for Feminist Theory Professor" is coming!

ALERT! "Hot for Feminist Theory Professor," my first full-length comedic play in 6 years, is coming! 

Written and performed by Kim Katzberg and Tom X. Chao – a true collaboration!
Directed by Christian Amato.

At the College of Low Hills, one-of-a-kind Women’s Studies instructor Professor Losstt-Keyes yearns for a partnership, but also struggles to keep her independence in a world where women feel more threatened than ever by unenlightened men. She meets lonely Dennis Quan of the Office of Pedagogy and Learning (who is only slightly unenlightened), and the two battle for dominance and respect in ways hilarious, unexpected, and even poignant.

Award-winning writer-performer Kim Katzberg (STRAYS, TERRY: RECOVERING PET DETECTIVE) reunites with theater veteran Tom X. Chao (CALLOUS CAD, CATS CAN SEE THE DEVIL) for his first new piece in 5 years.


Sun June 11 @ 6pm (EARLY!)
Mon June 12 @ 9pm (LATE!)
Sat July 1 @ 6pm (EARLY!)

40 minutes

The Brick
579 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg 
Take the L train to the Lorimer stop or the G train to the Metropolitan stop, and the theater is less than a block away. 


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