For a more detailed overview of Tom X. Chao's work, please see his Wikipedia page that was created in October 2015.

Tom X. Chao
has written, directed, produced and performed original theater pieces for over 10 years. His works include:
The Negative Energy Field
Can't Get Started | 2000, revived 2006
Cats Can See The Devil | 2003
Freak Out Under the Apple Tree | 2005
Callous Cad | 2009, revived 2011
Audio: The Peculiar Utterance of the Day podcast

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Please hire Tom as an editor, indexer, researcher, or maker of bibliographies for psychology textbooks.

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Photo: Kubrick Freak Out


Levitated Mass fun at LACMA

Levitated Mass fun at LACMA

Photo: Amazing panorama of the gathering! Taken by Mike Perry


Photo: Extraordinary gathering of USC Cinema alumni


Photo: Seth expresses glee after winning the gift bag while Sophie's robot eyes blaze threateningly


Photo: Little House I Used to Live In


Photos: Even more 2012 Xmas fun

Photos: More Xmas fun

Photo: Merry Eraserhead Christmas from the Chao Family


Photos: Rockefeller Center ain't nuthin' compared to Main St., Alhambra!

Gary says the fish & chips are not the best in Old Town Pasadena


Tom X. Chao 2012 Year-End Review (PDF)

Please enjoy. It's not very long as I didn't do very much in 2012. (Uploaded after wasting several hours learning that Blogger is complete shit for hosting HTML and PDF files.)

tom-x-chao-2012-review-oo.pdf Download this file

Podcast: The worst part of flying

It's nerve-wracking. Copyright 2012 Tom X. Chao

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Photos: Me and Franklin down by the schoolyard

Photos: I'm not ready for this level of Hobbit hype.

Podcast: The theater is quiet now

The Theater Is Filled With Stillness 2 Listen on Posterous

The theater is filled with a sepulchre feeling. © 2012 Tom X. Chao

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Photo: Bill's band at Parkside lounge


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