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Tom X. Chao
has written, directed, produced and performed original theater pieces for over 10 years. His works include:
The Negative Energy Field
Can't Get Started | 2000, revived 2006
Cats Can See The Devil | 2003
Freak Out Under the Apple Tree | 2005
Callous Cad | 2009, revived 2011
Audio: The Peculiar Utterance of the Day podcast

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Please hire Tom as an editor, indexer, researcher, or maker of bibliographies for psychology textbooks.

Web journal entries

"The Only Record" 4-song EP is now available on the iTunes Store. Please visit this link to preview, purchase, review, or give as a gift. (Will open in your iTunes Store inside iTunes.) It should be available in the US and Canada. Price: $0.99 per song, or $3.96 for all four.

Songs include:
1 The People We Know
2 Now (Atmospheric Conditions)
3 Debster-mania
4 Closing Theme

You may also get the four songs on eMusic, and Rhapsody.

Update 2/27/2009.  See the Tom X. Chao music page on Facebook for audio samples!

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"How to Invoke Pan," in Hunter-Gatheress Journal.

The humorous essay, "How to Invoke Pan," by Craig Heimbichner and Tom X. Chao appeared in Hunter-Gatheress Journal. Published March 14, 2008.

Available through Amazon.

Previously published in The New Yinzer (Pittsburgh, PA).

Also performed live by Tom X. Chao at the Brick Theater's Hell Festival (2004) and elsewhere in Manhattan.
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