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Tom X. Chao
has written, directed, produced and performed original theater pieces for over 10 years. His works include:
The Negative Energy Field
Can't Get Started | 2000, revived 2006
Cats Can See The Devil | 2003
Freak Out Under the Apple Tree | 2005
Callous Cad | 2009, revived 2011
Audio: The Peculiar Utterance of the Day podcast

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Things I Haven't Experienced in New York City Even After 20 Years

In just a few days, on August 30, 2014, I'll have lived in New York City for 20 years. 20 years! The anniversary weighs upon me heavily. I've lived in NYC far longer than any other place in my life.

What have I accomplished? Possibly the fact that I've managed to live in only in Manhattan the entire time represents the greatest accomplishment of my life.

Rather than try to identify accomplishments, I've listed some things I've failed to motivate myself into doing even after 20 years.

Things I Haven't Experienced in New York City Even After 20 Years
  • The Metropolitan Opera
  • Skating at Rockefeller Center ice rink (or any other ice rink)
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Boating in Central Park
  • Ellis Island (I have been to the Statue of Liberty perhaps only once.)
  • Bargemusic
  • Bronx Botanical Gardens (Is that what it's called?)
  • Saturday Night Live broadcast (and many other shows that tape here)
  • Nobu, Bouley, and many other well-established restaurants
  • Jets or Giants NFL game (or any college football game)
  • NJ Nets/Brooklyn Nets game
  • The Cyclone rollercoaster at Coney Island
  • "Cats" or "Phantom of the Opera" or other long-running Broadway shows

Regional trips I haven't made
  • The Hamptons (or anywhere on Long Island)
  • Six Flags in Jackson, NJ
  • Atlantic City
  • Philadelphia
  • Baltimore

"Not Drowning But Waving" or "The Fine Art of Surfacing"

Video: F*ck Valentine's Day 2014

Please enjoy my latest short film "F*ck Valentine's Day" (2014):

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